HTC Mobile Price in Pakistan

HTC is a corporation founded by Cher Wang and H.T.Cho as a notebook and computer manufacturer company in 1997. Its headquarter is situated in Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan. After one year in 1998, it started designing some of the world’s best touch and wireless hand-held devices. It gradually makes progress in telecommunication fields with the collaboration of other companies. It started making Windows Mobile and smartphones under the Qtek brand. It obtained Dopod International in 2007. In 2008 it joined Google’s Open Handset Alliance and developed and launched the first device powered by Android. After that, HTC gained a lot of success in different telecommunication technology fields through its advanced and quality products. It has launched numerous models and series of mobile phones with varying ranges of prices in Pakistan and has a strong position in the Pakistani mobile phone market.

Latest HTC Mobiles in Pakistan