Meizu Mobile Price in Pakistan

Jack Wong established Meizu Technology Co, Ltd in 2003. It is a Chinese private company that produces electronics, based in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Initially, they had been developing MP3 and MP4 players, but after four years of establishment, they started focusing their interest on smartphones. In the smartphone market, it ranked 11 numbers worldwide. The brand has introduced 40 smartphones in the market. It is also becoming popular in Pakistan day by day. The Meizu brand introduced the future of smartphones and the next level of MP3 players to the worldwide market. It is giving a fierce competition to other brands in the market of smartphones and MP3 players. It tremendously improves its old products and makes a marvelous series of new products and making a significant share in the international market that even Alibaba has invested a million dollars in Meizu to earn a minority stake.

Latest Meizu Mobiles in Pakistan