Telenor Mobile Price in Pakistan

Telenor is a Norwegian multinational telecommunicational company. Its headquarter is situated in Fornebu, Norway. The government of Norway established this company in 1855. After that, it crossed the boundaries of Norway and made progress by spreading its networks in nine other countries, including Pakistan, but the government of Norway is the owner with 54% shares in the company stocks with the assets of 248.9 billion the end of 2019. It offers a multi-range of telecommunication services in the Nordic Countries(Northern Europe and the North Atlantic) such as mobile and fixed telephony, digital television, IT services, and content. Since it produces mobiles and mobile phone technology, it is making rapid progress and contributing much more company’s revenue. Telenor remains the largest company in Norway, giving tough competition to some other companies, including Talia, through its excellent performance and comprehensive services.

Latest Telenor Mobiles in Pakistan