Xiaomi Mobile Price in Pakistan

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese company founded in April 2010. Its headquarter is in Beijing. Xiaomi manufactures and invests in electronics such as laptops, smartphones, earphones, fitness bands, and many other products. Xiaomi, by revealing its first smartphone Xiaomi started rocking and making rapid progress in China’s market. Within the short time of only three years, it became its largest smartphone company round the world. It was the world's fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer company leading in the largest market in China and the second-largest market in India. Xiaomi has become the fourth company after Apple, Samsung, and Huawei in having self-developed mobile phone capabilities, in the mid of 2018. Later on, it has developed a more extensive range of electronics, including a smart home device ecosystem, which has connected more than 100 million smart devices. Its monthly active users have increased to 291.6 million in September 2019. It is quickly expanding with more than16,700 employees round the world.

Latest Xiaomi Mobiles in Pakistan