Motorola Mobile Price in Pakistan

Motorola is an international brand, which deals with electronics, mobiles, and information technologies. Motorola was started in Chicago in 1928 when two brothers acquired a bankrupt company named Galvanic Manufacturing Corporation. Later in 1947, one of the company owners decided to change the name of the company to some unique and branded name. He named the company 'Motorola,’ here 'motor' references from 'motorcar' and 'ola' references to 'Vitoria.’ It is an American multinational company that introduced Motorola, Inc, which is positioned at Schaumburg. Motorola initiates many kinds of products. They include Tablet computers, Mobile phones, Smartphones, Two-way Radios, networking systems, Cable television systems, Wireless Broadband networks, RFID systems, Integrated circuits, Mobile telephone infrastructures, and Televisions. In the beginning, Motorola had only five employees, but On its fifth anniversary of success, it has 14000 employees. In 2000 Its employee number was 150,000. It had 53000 employees in 2010 due to continuous loss in the market. Motorola is a worldwide brand. It uses a technique of marketing, which is skimming and penetration pricing. It is becoming popular in the Pakistan market too though it is already famous in the world market. It always satisfies its customers by its excellent products. After all the ups and downs, it improves its outcomes according to the customer's desires and needs. It is raising its market values and standards day by day.

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